Handful of Henna

Rates and Services



Private & Group Sessions (less than 20 guests):
$80/hr, 1 hour minimum

Group Sessions & Parties (20 guests or more):
$100/hr, 1 hour minimum, includes one artist and one assistant

*Locations more than 60 miles from downtown Reno may be succeptible to a $0.40 per mile travel fee

Tip: Split the cost; throw a henna party!

Location and Hours

On-location only (no studio available)
Evenings after 6 p.m. and weekends (somewhat negotiable)
Central service area: Reno, Carson, Truckee and Tahoe; travel fees apply in the Sacramento and Bay areas


Elaine Van Der Wall
(775) 846-1757 (cell)

A Note About Color

Henna tattoos range from light to dark brown with varying tones of red, depending on aftercare and placement on the body. The paste must be left on for 4+ hours, and the stain normally takes 1-2 days to "ripen" to its final color and darkness.

"Black" henna is created by adding non-FDA approved chemicals to the paste, and may cause adverse reactions such as chemical burns and a lifelong, life-threatening allergy to certain hair and fabric dyes, cosmetics, and other PPD-related chemicals. Repeated exposure to "black" henna increases the danger of developing such reactions.

Avoid "black" henna by refusing tattoos from henna artists claiming that their paste can be left on for less than 1 hour and stain the color of a permanent, black ink tattoo. Don't be afraid to ask about the ingredients of the paste, and don't trust pastes that smell particularly nasty.

Part of the beauty of this centuries-old art form is its rich reddish-brown color, believed in many cultures to ward off evil and attract good fortune. Don't risk your health for a fake tattoo.

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Happy hennaing!